Main activities ensuring the implementation of the Breeding Programme:

– Animal identification and registration
– Control on animal origin and production characteristics
– Selection of male and female breeding animals
– Young ram testing for artificial insemination purposes
– Animal selection and breeding scheme creation
– Artificial insemination and embryo transfer

The Association for Breeding Lacaune Sheep in Bulgaria fulfils the following primary objectives, which underlie the adopted Statute and the Breeding Programme

    1. Increasing the population volume and expanding the areal of dissemination of the Lacaune breed in Bulgaria by storing and improving its valuable biological features and production characteristics.
    2. Ensuring the breed purity and the integrity of the Lacaune breed in Bulgaria by implementing the Breeding Programme.
    3. Protection of the interests of the members of the Association.
    4. Uniting and supporting the efforts and the activities of the members of the Association for increasing the economic efficiency of raising sheep from the Lacaune breed and for the marketing of the production.

For the accomplishment of the objectives thus set, the Association for Breeding Lacaune Sheep in Bulgaria performs the following activities:

    1. It keeps a National genealogical (flock) books of the Lacaune breed in Bulgaria.
    2. It creates and keeps Zootechnical registers.
    3. It issues Zootechnical certificates for pure-bred animals of the Lacaune breed in Bulgaria and for biological products obtained form them (seminal fluid and embryos).
    4. It provides support to farmers in the creation and keeping of Flock diaries.
    5. It maintains an Information system with database of all registered and controlled animals of the Lacaune breed in Bulgaria for the provision of fast and accurate information to its members.
    6. It supports the production, import and export of high-quality genetic material – breeding animals, seminal fluid and embryos.
    7. It creates an organisation for the increase of artificial insemination in the population of the Lacaune breed in the country.
    8. It organises National and Regional exhibitions for advertising and promoting the Lacaune breed and auctions for the sale of breeding animals.
    9. It takes part in the development and improvement of laws and regulatory frameworks in the area of stockbreeding, selection and reproduction, as well as in any other areas concerning sheep breeding and manufacturing of sheep products.
    10. It organises trainings for the improvement of the qualification of its members, including visits for best practices exchange in the country and abroad.
    11. It organises the participation of the members of the Association in specialised forums and seminars.